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Easily produce professional designs
Feature-rich, yet intuitive, the 20-20 FusionFX design software is based on Microsoft Office™ standards, allowing you to quickly create professional plans, stunning presentations and accurate quotes.

Tap into the widest selection of manufacturers’ products
Design with confidence. 20-20 FusionFX gives you fingertip access to more manufacturers’ products and prices than any other design software in the industry.

Train in record time
The 20-20 FusionFX interface will be familiar to anyone who’s ever used Microsoft Office™, making it easy to take advantage of its many valuable features.

Captivate with powerful presentations
Create compelling presentations and movies featuring natural lighting and real-life settings so customers can easily picture their new spaces.
Customers can even view the design on one screen while you make modifications on another.

Benefit from valuable sales tools
Improve your productivity by immediately generating customer quotes and ordering products electronically with 20-20 FusionFX. Intelligent sales tools let you manage every aspect of your project, from confirming delivery dates to ensuring millimetre perfect installation.

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