Your Support Hub:, the technology backbone of 20-20’s annual Maintenance and Support program, is more than just a support site; it’s a hub for design and manufacturing professional.

Subscribers get access to 24/7 support in the form of FAQs, tips and tricks, and downloadable files, on top of the regular phone and email support from 20-20 professionals.

Download software updates for any 20-20 solution you’re using. And you can download and update manufacturers’ catalogs from our extensive database for integration directly to your solution.

Plus gives you access to powerful features such as electronic order processing between manufacturers and dealers. Create purchase orders directly from your plans to save time and eliminate errors.

You can also build your own interest community through discussion forums that put you in touch with 20-20 professionals and power users of 20-20 products.

Tens of thousands of users log in to for the wealth of information and serious value it delivers. Join them!