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Boost productivity

Save engineering and design time with intelligent libraries, parametric technology, and time-saving wizards. Reduce the number of static drawings by using smart parametric shapes and automate routine, repetitive processes. Quickly generate the manufacturing drawings and reports you need.

Work in a familiar environment

Based on AutoCAD, 20-20 CAD is simple to learn. Get started fast with a familiar user interface, easy-to-use dialogue boxes and editing commands. The dynamic browser shows all functions available for every part, including cutting, drilling, machining and assemblies.

Get the flexibility you need

20-20 CAD is supported by industry-specific woodworking 3rd parties like hardware, mouldings and specialty shapes. Add your logo and engineering notes to drawings. Use imperial or metric measurements, or switch between them on the fly.

Stay in charge

20-20 CAD will never box you into a corner. Quickly modify selections or recover from mistakes with basic parametric, create custom shapes, or change cabinet dimensions and finishes.      

Connect to other solutions to integrate operations

20-20 CAD links to other 20-20 Technologies products for presentation and end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Share electronic files throughout your business to streamline operations

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