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Automate to meet your needs

You don’t want to pay for more software than you need. With 20-20 ShopWare you get the pieces that will enhance your operations.

Create seamless links to the shop floor

20-20 ShopWare lets you create a seamless connection between your showroom and your manufacturing operations.

Plan your production efficiently

Plan to cut parts accurately and efficiently while reducing errors and waste. Manage job and product specifications and link parts and products for labelling.

Partner with an industry leader

Benefit from 20-20 Technologies’ 20+ years of experience in configuring end-to-end solutions and the added value of its wide range of partnerships in the furniture design industry.

Have a solution that grows with you

As your business grows, 20-20 ShopWare grows with you. Automate as your business needs change. We’ll help you configure an affordable custom solution.

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