Head of the class with 20-20 training

Whether for 20-20 Technologies’ residential, office design or manufacturing solutions, we offer training that will help you improve business processes and user proficiency. 

Classroom training

Train on-site at a 20-20 training facility, at your place of business, or through regional courses that can be adapted to specific business needs and processes.  Expert instructors cater to groups of no more than 10 students. Courses last up to four days. 

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual classroom training is in real-time with expert instructors and a maximum of eight students.  Classes are via the Internet and conference call, so students can log into a class from any practical location. 


Learn 20-20 Design at your own speed; at your convenience, when you want, where you want. Based on the daily task required to draw a design, we broke down the sections in less than 10 minutes videos for your convenience.
Link to 20-20 Design E-learning program (WebEx)  


Learn 20-20 CAP, Giza, Worksheet and Visual Impression when you want, where you want.  Each hour long recording includes self-paced material for you to learn the fundamental basics of how to specify, space plan and design with 20-20 office software.
Link to 20-20 Office software E-learning program (WebEx) 


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   Inhouse Training
20-20 Design
20-20 Design Essentials
20-20 Design Educational
20-20 Design Select
20-20 Design for Home Organization
20-20 Virtual Showroom
20-20 Virtual Planner
20-20 Catalog Tools
20-20 Surfaces


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20-20 Cap Studio
20-20 GIZA Studio
20-20 Catalog Express
20-20 Symbol Source
20-20 Worksheet
20-20 Visual Impression


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20-20 CAD


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20-20 abc Nest
20-20 Enterprise inSight


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